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Logan Kinei Nature Escapes: Your Invitation to The Cape


Exploring the Nature and Experience of Life


















We believe that humans need to spend more time in nature, but we must also learn to respect nature. For that reason, we are keeping our Nature Experiences to very small groups, by appointment only, and not pushing advertising to not further contribute to the rampant human destruction of nature. Thank you

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Logan Kinei Nature Experiences


Logan Kinei Nature Escapes: Your Invitation to The Cape

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We believe that nature is the common connection between all living things in this world, so connecting to nature opens each of us to the amazing infinite possibilities of life.


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Family Nature Experiences &

Private Nature Experiences





Logan Kinei Nature Experiences -- Connecting you to nature through our nature walks/hikes through the Cape Cod National Seashore!


Logan Kinei: Private Coaching -- Think of this as your personal go-to life coach to help guide you, who is also a licensed physical therapist with a doctor of physical therapy degree.



Observing Experience -- Our blog sharing experiences, challenges, thoughts, understanding and perspective with the intention of inspiring others to explore life.




Connecting with:

Body - Mind - Nature


Logan Kinei Nature Experiences

Logan Kinei Guide: Private


"If it wasn't such a loaded word, I would be tempted to call Shaun a guru."

- Fabrice Paget

(client for 4 years)
Shaun Logan owner and founder of Logan Kinei and Observing Experience in Provincetown,  MA

Logan Kinei Nature Experiences on Cape Cod


Join Us for A Nature Connection Experience through the Beautiful Nature of Outer Cape Cod!


By Appointment Only!



  • Details

    • Includes
      • Guided Nature Walk/Hike
        • Trail and Beaches of Cape Cod National Seashore
      • Nature Immersion
      • Connection
      • Slowing Down
      • Beautiful Views
      • Breathing
      • Time to Explore, Sit, Meditate, Converse
    • May Include
    • 4 Person Limit
  • Location:


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Logan Kinei Nature Experiences

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Logan Kinei: Private Coaching

with a Doctor of Physical Therapy


  • One-on-One:

    • Health & Wellness Guide

    • Physical Therapy & Fitness Training

  • Options:


  • By Appointment Only

  • Location

    • Outer and Lower Cape Cod


What Is Logan Kinei Guide: Private?



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at the

Cape Cod National Seashore

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Beach Sign on Dune Shack Trail in Provincetown - one of Nature Experience Locations The trail of Dune Shack Trail in P'town, Cape Cod

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Exploring the Nature and Experience of Life


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