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We, humans, have to connect with nature now more than ever to heal ourselves, guide us towards our life's purpose, and stop our destructive ways.

Logan Kinei provides Wellness & Nature Experiences to connect people to nature, other people, and one's self.

We believe that nature is the common connection between all living things in this world, so connecting to nature opens each of us the amazing infinite possibilities of life.


Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences -- Connecting you to nature through nature walks/hikes, breathwork, movement, meditative practices, and human to human interaction.


Logan Kinei Guide -- One-on-One wellness and life guide, nature connection, breathwork, and human movement with a doctor of physical therapy.



Observing Experience -- Blog where I, Shaun Logan, write about my experiences, challenges, thoughts, and so on to pass along my understanding and perspective with the intention of inspiring others to question and change their lives.




Together, we do this through:

The Body - Movement/Mobility, Breathwork, Walking

The Mind - Breathwork, Meditative Practices, Nature Immersion

The Beyond - Nature Immersion, Connection, & Appreciation; Breathwork; Human Interaction; Self Exploration


Logan Kinei Does This Through:

Logan Kinei: Wellness & Nature Experiences

Logan Kinei Guide: Private


"If it wasn't such a loaded word, I would be tempted to call Shaun a guru."

- Fabrice Paget

(client for 4 years)
Shaun Logan owner and founder of Logan Kinei and Observing Experience in Provincetown,  MA

Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences

Nature Experience


Join Us for A Nature Connection Experience through the Beautiful Nature of Outer Cape Cod!


  • Experience Options:

  • Details

    • Includes

      • Nature Walk/Hike, Mobility, Breathwork, Meditative Practices, Connection

    • 10 Person Limit

    • Approx. 90 minutes to 3+ hours

    • Morning Nature Experience starting at $30

    • Sunset Beach starting at $25
  • Location:


What Are Logan Kinei Nature Experiences?



See Event Calendar to Join a Nature Experience




Mobility Class


Move, Connect, & Learn!


  • Two Class Options

    • Lower Body

      • Spine, Pelvis, Hips, Knees, Ankles, Feet
    • Upper Body
      • Spine/neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists
    • Learn More
  • Details

    • 45 minutes
    • 10 people class limit
    • $25 per class
  • Location



What Is A Logan Kinei Mobility Class?


See Event Calendar to Join a Group Mobility Class







Learn About Yourself Through Your Breath


  • Two Class Options:

    • Breathwork | Daily

      • Learn breath techniques to incorporate into your daily life
    • Breathwork | Deep Dive
      • Go deeper into healing and self discovery with longer more intense breathwork  
      • Setting deeper intentions
    • Learn More
  • Details

    • 35-45 minutes
    • 15 people class limit
    • $25 per class
  • Location



What Is Logan Kinei Breathwork?


See Event Calendar to Join a Breathwork Class




Logan Kinei Guide: Private

with a Doctor of Physical Therapy


  • One-on-One:

    • Health & Wellness Guide

    • Physical Therapy & Fitness Training

  • Options:


  • By Appointment Only

  • Location

    • Outer and Lower Cape Cod


What Is Logan Kinei Guide: Private?



Events Calendar | 2020


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15 minutes


CONTACT to Schedule Logan Kinei Guide: Private


*All Classes on ZOOM $12.50*

APRIL 2020

Saturday, April 4

Sunday, April 5


Saturday, April 11


Saturday, April 18

Sunday, April 19

  • Mobility Class - 8:30am - Remote via ZOOM
    • Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, spine
  • Breathwork Class | Deep Dive - 9:45am - Remote via ZOOM


Saturday, April 25

Sunday, April 26


MAY 2020

Coming Soon

JUNE 2020

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JULY 2020

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Beach Sign on Dune Shack Trail in Provincetown - one of Nature Experience Locations The trail of Dune Shack Trail in P'town, Cape Cod

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