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I grew up around a band of inquisitive artists much older than myself.  From the age of fifteen, my brother James and I performed alongside many musicians- playing guitar and bass, as well as stepping into the limelight as vocalists. It can be said that my path to self-inquiry and spirituality was one inseparable from my relationship with Art. 


Art is a state of mind defined by curiosity, and the dedication to expression.

It is a word I use liberally to describe humankind’s ability to bring an idea to form, and it is powered by love. Despite this, I have found that the pursuit of Art can be one of suffering and frustration.


Having a close relationship to performance from a young age fostered a need in me as a young artist to be validated by an audience. Writer’s block and creative paralysis has and, in some cases, still does affect me, and as I matured into a young adult- faced with the responsibilities of forging a future for myself, I knew that I had to find something more. I had to get to the source of my creativity, and the source of my fears. 


Starting in late 2014 I began a journey. From an exploration into the works of Plato, Thomas Aquinas, Francis Bacon, and Shakespeare, to the paradigm-shifting Transcendentalists like Emerson and Thoreau; I searched for a common thread. From Ayn Rand to Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Judaic, and Islamic works I sought to define consciousness and the Ego for myself. It is through this that I began to chart my place in the universe, and thus identify where my inspiration comes from, and how it interacts with our chaotic and beautiful world.


My timely work with Logan Kinei is the next chapter in this pursuit. I hope to converse and share with others in an effort to foster community and ease. In 2019, my methods have settled in non-duality-- heavily influenced by the practices of Wim Hof, Rupert Spira, and Mooji. Through meditation and conversation, I welcome all to settle comfortably in the quiet stillness of their awareness. 


I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but through Logan Kinei I offer myself to anyone interested in looking into themselves. I am here to assist, to accompany, to guide, and to talk.


Currently I am finishing a degree in English, and pursuing Art in the realms of music, sculpture, photography, clothing design, and writing. 


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