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progression of the Logan Kinei approach |


We are using mobility, breathing, meditation, and discussion as practices for you to perform self inquiry, self realization, and recognize awareness.

Each practice has a purpose of getting closer to this source.



First, you will learn to recognize your awareness. 

Then you will learn to come in and out of the awareness. 


During this process, you will start to understand awareness.

Awareness is not easily explained with language, but it is easily understood once experienced.




mobility & breathing  |


50 Minute Group Session

25 minutes of Mobility Work  |  25 minutes of Breathing


The sessions start with mobility followed by breathing; always with the overall intention to improve your awareness and relationship with your body-mind.


Your body-mind is how you experience the environment or world around you.

The more aware of your body you become, the less of a priority it becomes.

The body (and movement) lives in awareness and you can draw your attention to it or away from it based on the experience of the moment or your intentions.

It simply becomes and is healthy.


This is wellness and the mind-body at its purest form. You are in love with your body and your body is at peace and happy with you.


This a progression that happens when knowledge becomes understanding and feeling and sensations become awareness


Logan Kinei Mobility and Breathing will work together to enhance stress control, energy, creativity, spirituality (whatever that may mean to you), while reducing inflammation.



m o b i l i t y  |


Logan Kinei Mobility is about drawing one’s attention to the body while performing light purposeful movements with the intention to improve range of motion and control of the joint.


When each joint of the body works beautifully individually, then the body will work best as a whole.


Gaining an awareness about your body will teach and enable one to move better, feel better, and reduce onset of pain and injury.


You can think of this as our equivalent to the westernization of yoga, however we take a joint-by-joint approach to movement instead of focusing on flow or poses.  And we are also incorporating intentions more similar to the true meaning of yoga. 

Logan Kinei Mobility is a product of Shaun’s 10+ years of movement specialization experience, and his inspired by the work of Shirley Sahrmann’s Movement System Impairment (MSI) and Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).



b r e a t h i n g  |


Again, we draw on the breath to fine tune our focus even more, as now we are only focusing on one aspect of movement.  

Breathing is movement. 

The above statements about mobility apply to breath work too.


Our breathing component is inspired by the incomparable Wim Hof


The breath work will have purposeful sub-intentions, such as:

Stress Control

Generating Energy

Boosting the Immune System

Postively Impact the Sympathetic Nervous system

Influence the Autonomic Nervous System

Inspire Creativity

Prepare you for anything


We are calling the body to Action with the Breathing





meditation and discourse  |


50 Minutes Group Session

25 minute Meditation  |  25 minute Discussion (Q&A)


With the meditation, you are simply working to let go.  We will guide you with intention to get closer to the source.

We finish with a Q&A Discussion. This is where you put your entire experience together.  We all open up to each other and gain a deeper understanding.

meditation |


Meditation is another step of focus beyond mobility and breath work. 

Our meditation sessions focus on the teachings of non-duality. 

Meditations may start with narrowing a focus to the breath, intentions, mantras, etc., however the ultimate intention is to be able to recognize awareness (or consciousness) and just be.  

The ultimate mediation is when it is no longer a specific practice, and is simply just the way you live. This is what we work towards.


Mediation can be done in many ways.

We do not put any specifications on our mediations, though we will provide guidance, you may need something different than others in the community.


Mediation is for everyone.

You do not have to sit cross legged and chant a mantra

(though you can, if that works for you)


discourse  |


This is where we build a community of open, honest vulnerability. 

This is where the true teaching happens, that will help you reach a deeper understanding that you will take with you to incorporate into your future sessions, and life.


We highly encouraged everyone to ask the Logan Kinei teachers questions to gain a deeper understanding. 

This process is not always easy and can be very confusing.  You may take two steps forward and one step back, or four steps back - that is ok! 

Ask questions, discuss your challenges, wins, and everything in between. 

We are all working towards the same intention, though our experiences and journeys are going to differ.







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