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When it comes to health (and just feeling good), being regularly active on a daily basis is much more powerful than a structured exercise program.  However, we know that culture of the work environment gravitates towards a complete absence and disregard of physical movement for employees.  This is a problem that we are addressing with Logan Kinei: Movement Wellness and Health Education, an elevated wellness program.


Logan Kinei started our Movement Education program for corporations by working with one of the world’s global media and entertainment companies.  We are currently working together to improve the health knowledge, confidence and capabilities of their employees.


Together, we can improve the health and productivity of your employees by changing the culture of health and fitness within the workplace.

Logan Kinei: Movement Wellness and Health Education is


  • Health and Wellness Consultants - Personalizing Corporate Health and Wellness


  • Dedicated to empowering the individual to take control of their own health and life through Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, Mentality/Mindfulness, and the Environment
    • We do this by building awareness, confidence and understanding through knowledge.


  • Setting out to change the culture of fitness and health care, especially in the workplace.


  • Specialists in creating relationships to improve employee engagement with all company benefits


  • Working with existing wellness and benefits teams to vet and improve services


  • A concierge-like personal movement education and consultation experience designed to reduce the onset, longevity and severity of pain and injury for your employees.


  • A health and lifestyle company focused on helping people within the workplace, the environment where a very high percentage of time is spent.



Health care and fitness are very personal and unique to each individual, so is our approach: 
We work with a company to adapt our program to the needs of the company’s employees.






Logan Kinei: Movement Wellness and Health Education is the perfect:

  • Addition to an existing health & wellness program
  • Start to a health and wellness program
  • Consultant to starting an in-company health and wellness program



Our highly adaptable and customizable approach will easily integrate into an existing program and work environment.


Movement is the way humans are able to diminish pain and injury.  The more knowledge each individual has about their body, movement, and health care, provides them a higher understanding of HOW to reduce pain and injury, and HOW to address issues when they do arise.


Movement is a key to life.  When we stop moving, we are heading towards the end.  However, movement is only a piece of living and thriving.  We recognize the need for knowledge, creating relationships, and empowering the individual with nutrition, sleep, mentality, and the environment, along with movement. 





  • The core of our approach is based on how the human movement system interacts with the other systems of the body and the many environments of life, which is different for each individual.
    We do this through:
    • Observation
    • Consistent Interaction and availability
    • In-person and Virtual discussions
    • Repetition
    • Personalization


  • Logan Kinei’s in office presence allows us to establish trusting relationships, which is absolutely crucial for success



  • Most pain and injuries develop over time from the small things people do repeatedly on a regular basis.


  • At Logan Kinei, we attack problematic issues at the root of the problem.


  • With a better base of knowledge, people will be able to make better decisions for themselves.




Logan Kinei: Advantage


The Goal is to Inspire, not Influence.


A deduction in pain and injury, with an increased knowledge and confidence leads to….

  • Decreases in:
    • Spending for company and individuals
    • Time off due to pain, injury, health related appointments
    • Workers Comp
    • Physician Visits
    • Diagnostic Imagining
    • Pharmaceutical Usage
    • Use of medical supplies
    • Surgery
  • Improvements in:
    • Ability to question
    • Confidence in making health care decisions
    • Movement and Activity Levels
    • Work performance
    • Work Attendance
    • Morale
    • Physical Abilities
    • Quality of Life



Philadelphia, PA


All locations considered 

and subject to availability


Shaun Logan


Logan Kinei was founded by Shaun Logan in 2014.  Shaun, the lead human movement specialist, has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Drexel University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Penn State University.  Having started his career in “traditional outpatient physical therapy” settings working primarily with athletes of all ages and skill levels, from children to professional.  During that time, Shaun realized the limitations of the current health care system.  In 2014, Shaun decided to leave the traditional “physical therapy” world to start Logan Kinei: Private Training.  With Logan Kinei: Private Training, Shaun works with people 1-on-1 to provide the highest quality of care and attention.  He provides people with the longevity and true attention to detail needed to make long lasting changes through movement and education.


Shaun continues to see the gaps and limitations of the current health care delivery system and realizes that the most valuable asset is knowledge.  The reach is limited with Private Training, so Shaun set out to deliver a program in the environment where people spend a large percentage of their time, the workplace.  In targeting corporate settings, Shaun has been working with one of the global media leaders headquartered in Philadelphia to incorporate this program into their existing health engagement.

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