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James Logan




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James Logan’s in-depth understanding of human consciousness and psychology, as well as familiarity with a vast array of spiritual practices, makes for a unique and effective style of coaching and teaching.


Whether you already consider yourself on a path to increased awareness and higher consciousness, or are just looking to find more peace and harmony in your daily life, James’ intuitive and personal approach will help you to uncover the source of what you really want from life, as well as identify and remove the blocks to achieving it.


Because every individual is different, James’ expertise lies with identifying every client’s current understanding and level of satisfaction with their life situation.


All goals, whether consciousness-based or material driven, are connected to and stem from the same source.


Gaining clarity and insight on your own situation becomes intuitive and easy when put into this holistic context.


No matter your spiritual, religious or cultural background, a bridge can then be built to reach the next rung of the ladder in your unique journey to freedom, peace, harmony and satisfaction.


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[Below is a photo of how James typically performs his personal meditation practice]




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Single Session | 50 minutes




1 session per week - $312

2 sessions per week - $598



8 session package - $574



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