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one-on-one sessions with me are focused providing you with guidance. 


We all change, no matter what, as it is a part of life. 

You can either put purpose behind your change to direct the life you want to live, or you can allow the separate self (or ego) to take a hold of you and bring you down a darker path of negativity.  Negativity is usually a slow process that happens over time without even realizing. Negativity can manifest in many ways and is different for each individual, just as experience is different for each individual.


I am a guide, a teacher.  

I will guide you to better understand movement, and your body, but these sessions will also include a lot of conversing.  

The body-mind cannot be separated, in reality, so we must address both.

  The movement portion will be less about giving you exercises with a finite number of sets and reps, but more about creating awareness with your body and focusing on what you are sensing and feeling.


This work will allow you to then do whatever else physically you want to do.

You may need to prepare more for those activities, such as training to play a sport or running a marathon, but working with me will set you up to be able to do so with a much reduced risk of any issues getting in the way.






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Through my extensive experience in the physical therapy and fitness profession, I have cultivated my unique approach to working privately with individuals.

I have worked with many injuries, post-op, and illnesses, as well as people on every level of the spectrum with movement skill level, from child to professional, from the most coordinated to the least.


Through the years, I have noticed that awareness was a huge missing piece of people dealing with pain and injury.  I also noticed that some form of self induced mind-body stress is the most common cause of and enhancer of pain and injury.


Working one-on-one with me will be an extremely unique experience of combining mobility with self inquiry. 

My extensive understanding of the body and human movement allows him to teach you more about your body, to bring a greater awareness to your body-mind and how it interacts with the world.  I will guide you in understanding how your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions manifest in physical pain - all of which is ok, but we don't want it to stick around for too long. 

Through the teachings of self inquiry, I will assist you on finding your true self to follow your journey in life.


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Assessment | up to 90 minutes



Single Session | 50 minutes  




1 session per week - $510

2 sessions per week - $945



8 session package - $920


Book One | One with Shaun




Leverage Fitness | 1530 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA


Virtual: via Zoom 




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