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Logan Kinei: Private Training is a concierge-like personal movement education and consultation experience. We are at the forefront of a new approach to the health care delivery system.

We believe building high levels of knowledge and awareness about one's own body, so they can better understand the ways to combat soreness, pain, and injuries, is extremely important to staying fit and healthy. Understanding the body's needs at particular times will allow people to avoid issues through purposeful movement.

Everyone is different, each with their own goals and needs. People respond and learn differently. The approach to health care needs to be more personalized, which is what Logan Kinei: Movement Education is offering -- a more customizable approach to addressing future/current pain and injuries.

Our focus is on reducing the onset and lasting affects of pain and injury. We know that those whose movement system is affected by pain and injury are more likely have overall reduced health.

This is our contribution to the multifaceted world of health.




Shaun Logan, Founder





private training services

Logan Kinei Assessment

A full body movement assessment to determine a training/treatment starting point.

All assessments are performed in-person // approx. 90 minutes



Logan Kinei Movement Training

Follow-up Sessions

Up to 60 minutes - Learn - Move - Practice - Train - Fitness


Pain - Injury


Monthly Plans Starting at $99-120 per session

Per Session Plans at $125-155 per session


Please contact for full list of pricing and package options


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