m   i   n   d   f   u   l       w   e   l   l   n   e   s   s

Shaun Logan is the founder of Logan Kinei. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Shaun founded Logan Kinei in 2014 as he recognized huge gaps between the realms of physical therapy, rehab, fitness training, sport training, work and play. He has set out to help change and improve upon the current approach to health and fitness, especially with regards to human movement. However, what Shaun was actually seeing was huge gaps in health in general.

Through his experiences of working and interacting with people who have pain and injury, Shaun began to question.  He started questionning early on, which led to the start of Logan Kinei in 2014.  However, it wasn't until more recently that he actually began to see with more clarity.  Shaun was actually questioning the appraoch of Western medicine, our health care system.  But, not only was he questioning health care, he was also questioning the popular approach to life.

Through questionning, continuing to work with people, and personal searching, Shaun found that movement is a small piece of health and wellness. Movement is a piece of life, however the way he has been able to help the most amount of people is through Mindful Wellness.  Shaun recognized that all people have to improve within themselves first, to improve our awareness (or consciousness) to further evolve throughout our lives. This evolution is life and the more clarity we get, the more sef accepting we are, the more joyful life becomes.  With joy comes health and fitness.  We all have the ability to achieve great things in life, but we have to be able to move beyond the pull of self doubt, self consciousness, comparing ourselves to others, and our past.  We can do this, and Shaun recognizes the strength of providing help and guidance to others through this process. 

Throughout the year of 2019, Shaun is participating in the Fit for Service Mastermind with Aubrey Marcus of Onnit.  He also strongly connects to the teachings of Wim Hof, Joe DispenzaRupert Spira, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj, to name a few, to improve his own life as well as help others.  


Shaun has never been more excited for the future.  He looks forward to working with some very special people to create a place for people to see themselves in a positive light and then be able to spread the energy and love with others.  



We proudly support Sea LegacyCharity: Water, and the Farmers Footprint.  All of these causes are working to connect us, humans, back with nature, clean water, and quality food.  A necessary step if we are to survive as a species, and help this earth and all living beings thrive.






More about Shaun's experience:


Shaun first started Logan Kinei with private training, working only with individuals one-on-one to provide the best quality of care as possible. He focuses on longevity of health and working with people for long periods of time to help guide them in their quest to be healthy, fit, and feel good. Shaun focuses on long-term goals because quick fixes are always temporary. In his experience, Shaun has noticed that true changes start to take place anywhere from 1-2 years of consistency, after everything finally 'clicks'.

Though Shaun has experience and enjoys working with clients at all levels, he is particularly skilled in working with those whom are new to exercise/fitness training, need to gain mobility, have strange/chronic pains and injuries, and those returning from injury. Shaun’s clients range from: no pain or injuries to significant limitations due to chronic pain, injuries, or surgeries. His clients participate in a wide variety of sports, hobbies, occupations, fitness backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Shaun feels it is important to learn from all experiences in life, whether good or bad, for entertainment or teaching. Everything we do at every level involves movement and affects our physical and mental health.

Though Shaun’s approach to therapy and training is to not get caught-up in one school of thought, he does align strongly with principles of Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®). Shaun is a certified FRC® movement specialist (FRC®ms). To learn more about FRC® please visit functionalanatomyseminars.com.  Though movement is the answer to healthy joints, individuals need to have an understanding of the movement and the body.  Success always starts with knowledge. 


Through his career, Shaun has worked with and helped athletes and non-athletes of all ages and skill levels - from children and adolescents to working adults, professional athletes, including Olympians, NFL, MLB, basketball, and a variety of high level NCAA sports. Shaun has extensive experience treating clients with a wide variety of injuries, pains, and surgeries throughout the body. Including, spending some years as the "go-to" concussion physical therapist for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Shaun received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Prior to graduate school, Shaun earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology: Movement Science from Penn State University.


Though Shaun enjoys working with individuals on their movement, it is really getting to connect with them that he enjoys most. He loves to teach, give guidance and advice that will help people make well thought out decisions for themselves

Shaun is setting out to change the healthcare delivery system.   This starts with being people knowledgable to have the awarenss, confidence and understanding to be more autonomous with their own health.